At every Village Pub location, we offer a selection of brews from Ellis Island Casino, Hotel & Brewery. The local brewery, and our sister property, has been crafting beers since 1998 at the brewery on Koval and Flamingo.



Ellis Island Light

Our light beer is uniquely handcrafted using 100% natural ingredients: barley malt, rice, the finest American hops and hand selected lager yeast. Due to our unique brewing method, we make the most flavorful light beer you have ever tasted. 


Ellis Island IPA

A west coast style IPA with notes of citrus and tropical fruit from the variety of Pacific Northwest hops used, namely Citra and Mosaic. Pairs well with spicy foods

ABV: 6.8%,  IBU'S: 65


Ellis Island Hefeweizen

A traditional unfiltered Bavarian style wheat beer. Full bodied with notes of fruit and spice, especially banana and clove overtones. 





Ellis Island Stout

Inspired from English and Irish Stouts, this is a dark beer made with roasted malt and should not be confused with a “bock” beer. Our stout is rich, smooth, malty and has a full bodied flavor. It tastes great with our Chicken Fried Steak or the Barbecue!


Ellis Island Amber

Distinctive amber ale that contains a hoppy, European taste and rich caramel color. An all around good beer for any food that isn't sweet, it compliments well with a sandwich or a hearty soup. 


Ellis Island Root Beer

An old fashioned, all natural, real “brewed” Root Beer. This non-alcoholic drink is thick and creamy and will remind you of an old root beer stand.